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Yoga Blurb Comes to Life. Bye Bye Procrastination.

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Exploring the 3 reasons why you procrastinate and it is not because you are lazy!! Time to get out of your own way, take risks and find what you love in life. Kick procrastination in the butt.

My Daughter has a wonderful book a very close friend of ours got her.

It starts… “you can do anything put your mind too it, dream big, believe that you can do it…”

I love the book (thanks Azzy) it’s sentiment & messaging are wonderful. So simplistic and back to the basics of positive affirmations & manifesting.

We loose this along the way as adults. A knock to the confidence a dig at our self belief leading to the us settling for things that might not not be a good fit for us. Or the inability to move forward in a direction we want.

While scrolling through my Instagram reels recently (guilty as charged) Dr Julie who focuses on messaging about positive psychology and awareness had a really good post that hit home.

3 reasons why your procrastinating…
And it’s not because your lazy (Phewwww)

No. 1 You have a strong drive for success, but even a stronger fear of failure. Which is preventing you from even getting started.

No. 2 You believe that your performance says something about who you are as a person. So putting it off becomes a form of self protection.

No. 3 Your avoiding the feelings that come along with doing that task like boredom, anxiety or stress.

These hit home for me!! Sometimes we see the exact right thing at the exact right time for a reason.

Yesterday I booked my yoga teacher training with The Yoga Room. I started my own website & blog (DNS had to populate last night). These things when it came down to it came to about 2 hours of my time.

But…. its been a long time coming. Probably about 7 years I’ve been contemplating yoga training, always with a reason for not pursuing it.

Wrong timing, too little experience or moving away from well paying jobs I’m used to in Sales & Marketing.

In that same time I’ve been thinking about starting a blog/website. Again tonnes of reasons not too. Looking for the perfect platform or domain name, not enough time, I’ve come up with a good few!!


Yesterday I kicked procrastination in the arse (is it OK to say arse) is it ok to say arse on here!


1. Booked my yoga teacher training
2. Started my website

Do I know where I’m going with it all? No

But I feel this is the right path for me.

‘ You can do anything put your mind too it, dream big believe that you can do it.’

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