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Yoga Teacher Training Ireland 2022. Choosing a Course.

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Western culture has created a perception of yoga being just about postures and perfect poses. It is so much more than we imagine. Yoga is for all.
So after years of contemplation, humming and hawing plus a zillion reasons why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do it. I finally plucked up the courage and motivation to book my yoga teacher training. Something I have wanted to do for a few years now but had kept putting it off. I was always waiting for the right time, to be ready, to look ready, to feel ready. But sometimes in over analyzing and questioning yourself you put yourself in freeze mode. So I am not going to wait until I can be an expert in every posture or have washboard abs, or be vegan to be a yoga teacher. I can do it now. This is mindset change needed to take the leap into the unknown “the time is now” as Moloko sing. We convince ourselves we don’t have time, but if we truly examine our priorities v’s values something I keep coming back to lately. We can start to get a picture of where we are veering off the path from where we really want to go. Some key things I took into account when choosing my teacher training were:
  • Timescale: how long did I want my training to be. From researching online generally a 200YTT can be spread out one weekend a month over 12 months, an intensive 4 week course or (my choice) 4 modules of 5 days and a weekend of anatomy & physiology spread out over 8 months. For me the 8 months was the right fit as it gave me a real taste of having 5 days of learning, without the intensity of having to do a full month. Which for me was not workable anyway with 2 small kids and work.
  • Certification: you need to make sure that the course is accredited by the Yoga Alliance which mine is.
  • Online research: you can connect with your chosen course through online avenues to see what their vibe is or check up the teachers who may be teaching the course. All of which is great to get networking into the yoga sphere.
  • Ongoing education: I am starting on a 200 course so I also wanted to ensure the school had an opportunity to continue in time to the 500 hour course or other avenues of interest like pre or post natal yoga or trauma informed yoga which I find very interesting.
  • Price: there is not a huge variation in price from what I have seen on courses. Maybe only slightly between Dublin based schools and the regions on some occasions. For me the price wasn’t a deal breaker. I wanted to feel the school I went with would offer the best training. If it is a few hundred more not a biggie considering the results.
  • Tips: most yoga schools offer an early bird rate so if you are in a position to make your decision early before the start date you could save in or around €200.
After much contemplation as I am into that I decided to opt for The Yoga Room based in Merrion in Dublin. A very reputable school offering a variety of courses and running over 8 months at 5 days a module. The right fit for me and I am currently making my way through my recommended reading list! I hope you found this list helpful. Wishing you all the best on your yoga journey. If you have been thinking about it for a while why not give it a shot even to further your own practice and knowledge on self care for body and mind. Namaste Muriel 🙂 xxx

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